Our little ones love to be active!

Being active is incredibly important for young children’s development, learning and general health and wellbeing.

They have plenty of energy and naturally love to play, jump, run and move!

With Coach Josh’s active videos children are guided through various thoughtfully developed fitness activities while being encouraged to use their imaginations.

Each adventure episode incorporates Coach Josh’s 8 Learning Elements: Colours, Numbers, Gross Motor Skills, Balance, Sound Recognition, Hand-Eye & Foot-Eye Coordination, Imagination and Following Instructions.  Learn more here.

“We watched all them yesterday, kids loved them all, we need more Coach Josh!”

Sharon via Facebook

“Introduced the kids to Coach Josh this morning and they loved learning to surf!”

Jessica via Facebook

Meet Coach Josh
Josh Windsor is based on the Gold Coast of sunny Queensland, Australia.  He has a passion for helping young children to learn through exercise and has taught many children previously in weekly sports programs.

He wanted to be able to reach more children and create an easy-to-follow learning platform with active adventures and so Coach Josh the video show was born!  Josh is a qualified pilates instructor and keen surfer, and loves anything and everything active.

Josh and his wife Megan produce the Coach Josh program together as a team and are so excited every day to be bringing it to children everywhere!

“We love Coach Josh!! He is AMAZING with the kids” Karen Miklos

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