Each episode of Coach Josh incorporates 8 Learning Elements to ensure your children are getting the most benefit from watching and participating.  Below are the various elements that we include through thoughtful activities.

You can be sure that when your children are following along with the Coach Josh activities they are using their minds and bodies for a full learning experience!


Coach Josh incorporates colour recognition in to each episode, asking the children if they know the colours on the screen, whether it’s a yellow fish, a green tree or a brown monkey! Consistently watching Coach Josh episodes will enhance children’s abilities to remember and recognise all the colours of the rainbow!


Coach Josh loves to count the things he sees along his adventures. He will ask the children how many of something that they can see and will count with them. He also does backwards countdowns to further assist the children with their counting abilities and to challenge them.

Gross Motor Skills

Gross motor skills are crucial for children to be able to do everyday activities and navigate their environment. They also have an impact on the child’s fine motor skills and learning ability. Gross motor skills in Coach Josh episodes include running, jumping, marching, dancing and more.


Balance is extremely important for children’s general coordination and being able to carry out everyday activities, such as getting dressed and climbing in to the bath. Coach Josh incorporates balance generally through standing or dancing on one leg or by encouraging the children to walk on tippy toes.

Sound Recognition

Throughout each episode, various common sounds will appear, including animal sounds, nature sounds, vehicle sounds and music.  Children are encouraged to make the association between the action or scene and the sound.  The music is adjusted to suit the activity at hand so that children know when it is time to move faster or slower.

Hand-Eye & Foot-Eye Coordination

Similar to gross motor skills and balance, hand-eye and foot-eye coordination assists with a child’s ability to navigate their environment and perform everyday actions. Hand- eye and foot-eye coordination involves the coordinated control of hand and foot movements with eye movement. Coach Josh will provide clear instructions for children to move their hands and/or feet in certain ways to perform an activity successfully.


While they aren’t with Coach Josh physically, children will have fun creating their own similar scene with their imagination, based on what they are seeing and hearing from Coach Josh. Coach Josh will encourage the children to imagine that they are doing something, without anything tangible. An example of this is driving an imaginary little yellow car and pushing the imaginary horn.

Following Instructions

Throughout each episode Coach Josh is providing clear, age-appropriate instructions for the children to follow along. He will add to these with more specific instructions as he moves through the activity at hand to further challenge the children and to ensure that they are listening. Beyond the verbal instructions Coach Josh will also instruct using his non-verbal actions, so that children can mimic his movements.